Department of Botany: Statement of Department-

“Each one plant one”

Sr. No. Courses (Given by the university) Intake (Admission)
1 F.Y. B.Sc. Botany
Paper I: BOT.111 Bacteria, Viruses and Algae,
BOT.121 Fungi, Lichens & Plant Pathology

Paper II: BOT.112 Plants For Human Welfare,
BOT.112, Applied Botany
Paper III: BOT.103, Practicals based on Paper I & Paper II
2 S.Y.B.Sc. Botany
Paper I: BOT.-231: Bryophytes and Pteridophytes,
Paper-II: BOT.232 Morphology of Angiosperms

Paper I: BOT. 241,Plant Physiology
Paper-II: BOT. 242,Taxonomy of Angiosperms
Paper III: BOT.243,Practicals based on BOT.-241 and BOT.-,242
BOT. 351 Paper I : Diversity of Lower Cryptogams
BOT. 352 Paper II : Taxonomy of Angiosperms
BOT. 353 Paper III : Genetics and Molecular Biology
BOT. 354 Paper IV : Advanced Plant Physiology
BOT. 355 Paper V : Plant Ecology and Phytogeography
BOT. 356 Paper VI : OPTIONAL (Only One)
BOT. 356.2 : Gardening

BOT. 361 Paper I : Diversity of HigherCryptogams
BOT. 362 Paper II : Gymnosperms & Paleobotany
BOT. 363 Paper III : Plant Breeding
BOT. 364 Paper IV : Plant Biochemistry
BOT. 365 Paper V : Embryology & Palynology
BOT. 366 Paper VI : OPTIONAL (Only One)
BOT. 366.2 : Pharmacognosy

BOT. 301 Practical Paper I : (Based on Paper I & III) i.e. BOT-351, BOT-361, BOT-353, BOT-363.
BOT. 302 Practical Paper II: (Based on Paper II & IV) i.e. BOT-352, BOT-362, BOT-354, BOT-364.
BOT. 303 Practical Paper III : ( Based on Paper V & VI) i.e. BOT-355, and BOT-356.1, BOT-356.2,
BOT 356.3,BOT.356.4, and BOT-365, BOT-366.1, BOT-366.2, BOT-366.3and BOT.366.4
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Date of appointment
1 Mrs. S.A. Deshmukh Associate Professor M.Sc 15/07/1991
2 Dr. R.D. Yeole Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. 11/01/2011
3 Mr. A.V. Wakode Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET. 14/01/2011
Sr. no. Facilities
1 Computer, LCD Projector.
2 Over head projector
3 Net searching facility
4 Charts and models.
5 Guest Lectures.
6 Binocular ,Research Microscope
7 Permanent,slides, Specimens, Class work materials
8 Departmental Library
News and event regarding department
  • 1. Botanical Study Tour
  • 2. Botanical Society
  • 3. Plantation of tree
  • 4. Best out of waste workshop
  • 5. Environment awareness
Book publications
Sr. No. Name of Staff Presentation of Research Paper Publication of Research Paper Publication of Book
1. Mrs. S.A. Deshmukh 13 12 03
2. Dr. R.D. Yeole 04 13 02 Articles in book
3. Mr. A.V. Wakode 07 03 03
Achievement by students:

Our students actively participated in various cultural, sports, N.S.S. activities organized by our College.