Preface to College Library:

At the beginning(1990-91) the college library was small. The separate room was not available. The four cup-boards and 450 books were the parts of the library.

Now the reading room has been constructed in grand and big Hall. Girls and boys students have separate reading room. We subscribe 20 newspapers in Marathi, Hindi, and English languages.

The library subscribes magazines and Journals. The Books are issued to the students in the off hours. The teachers are served with reference books, magazines andjournals. Teachers and P.G students havethe open access to the library.The Ex-students can also utilize the books.

Our library is open from 8.00 AM to 4PM to maintain and completethe daily transactions.


“To make students acquainted with the vast knowledge available in the world.”

  • “Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya” journey from darkness to light journey from ignorance to incitement.
  • To make the students familiar with different reference books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, different paper syllabi etc.
  • To introduce the stake holders to the latest information in the Journals,magazines and the reference books.
  • To secure and maintain the latest information.
  • To create the social awareness among the stake holders.
  • To develop interest inthe students in their subjects.
  • To strengthen the personalities of the students with the help of literature.
  • To satisfy the stake holders with the careful access to the information
Our Moto:

“Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya” journey from darkness to light journey from ignorance to incitement.

Our Vision:

“To educate and enable youth to enhance the dignity and progress of the society as well as the nation”

Our Mission:

“We at Smt. G. G. Khadse College Muktainagar are commited to impart good education, develop all round personalities and inculcate social and civic responsibilities”

Library at a Glance

Library at a Glance:

Library Timing: - 8:00am To 4:00pm

(1stand 2ndSaturdayis Holiday)

Total No. of Books 29190 No. Title of Books 15869 Back (Bound) Volume 1895
Pure Reference book 5800 Encyclopedia 56 Journals & Magazines N List 60
Text Books 17343 CD/DVD/VCD. 55 Computer 04
Reference & Other Books 105 News Papers 19 E Books 791
UGC 4022 Dictionary 24 Printer 02
GK Gen. 1369 PhD Thesis 13 Barcode Printer 01
Donated 458 M-Phil Thesis
M.Sc. Project
Barcode Scanner 01
Library Summary 2015-16:
Chart Of Last 5 Years
Technical Information of the Library::
  • Our library carries the classification of the various books.
  • They are classified according to the DDC system of 19th editions.
  • The library has made available the web, OPAC with the help of catalogue.
  • The bar code system is available.
  • Books and journals are used.
  • There are 27046 books in the library which include text books, Reference Books etc.
Staff Name Designation
1 Mr. N.G. Sarode Librarian
2 Mr. Mahesh Mahajan Lib.Attendant
Co-operation of the staff
  • Library is the soul of the college.
  • It creates the great personalities in life with its literature.
  • The Advisory committee stresses on the stake holders’ satisfaction of the Knowledge.
Library Committee Name Designation
1 Prin. V. R. Patil Chairman
2 Mr. N. G. Sarode Librarian/Secretary
3 Dr. T. K. Patil Member
4 Mr. C. A. Nehete Member
5 Dr. R. R. Kinge Member
6 Mr. P. P. Ladhe Member
7 Mrs. Vandana Chaudhari Member
8 Dr. P. S. Premsagar Member
9 Mr. A. P. Patil Member
9 Mr. S. L. Khadse Member
Other Info

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Library Layout:
Reading Room Layout